MasterSeal Pavement Sealer

MasterSeal Pavement Sealer

·        MasterSeal E-Z Stir Asphalt          
·        Based Pavement Sealer
·        MANUFACTURER- SealMaster has a nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

MasterSeal E-Z Stir pavement sealer is a ready to use clay-stabilized asphalt emulsion pavement sealer fortified with sand for slip resistance. MasterSeal E-Z Stir is designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement.
Basic Uses: MasterSeal E-Z Stir is designed to beautify and protect asphalt pavement surfaces including parking lots, airports, driveways, shopping malls, roadways, and more.

3. WARRANTY SealMaster warrants that MasterSeal E-Z Stir meets the chemical composition and performance requirements set forth in section

4. Liability to the buyer or user of this product is limited to the replacement value of the product only.

5. MAINTENANCE - Periodic cleaning of parking lot surface will ensure optimum product service life.

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