Parking lot striping is an often overlooked

an aspect of business design. Indeed, few people ever stop to consider what a parking lot looks like or how it functions until it becomes a problem. But, despite this lack of ostensible care, a great parking lot provides a fantastic subliminal first impression for any business, and none should overlook this vital part of traffic flow.

There are many things to consider when marking up a parking lot. For instance, for safety, all parking lots should consider containing well demarcated crosswalks, loading-zones, and fire lanes. Further, flow can further be increased by designating areas for mass transit vehicles and by adding stop bars for safety within individual parking spaces.

However, one of the smallest aspects provides one of the biggest impacts on your overall parking lot is the parking lot striping. There are three main ways that efficient and visible parking lot striping contributes to the overall function of a parking lot.

First, it helps you maximize the space that you own. In these days of spiking real estate cost, every square foot you can save offers you the chance to further capitalize on your investment. Further, by effectively managing the space, you can prevent accidents and provide for the maximum number of customers at the same time.

Second, it helps form an efficient flow of traffic. By adequately banking parking slots and providing arrows that direct drivers where they should drive, parking lot striping can control the flow traffic, increasing safety and eliminating gridlock that can be both ugly and time-consuming for your patrons.

Lastly, effective striping lets you designate parking. Whether you need the ADA regulated handicap spaces, a fire lane in case of emergencies, or you want to designate parking for the elderly, expectant mothers, or other VIP’s, by customizing the parking lot striping you can avoid confusion and keep these spots free for the people that they were intended for.

As a special note, as important as parking lot design is, it is also important to help minimize your environmental impact. Parking lot striping can be accomplished using acrylic water-borne paint that has a low toxicity in the surrounding environment. However, your pavement care responsibilities don’t evaporate as the paint dries on your favorite design choice. Instead, proper pavement maintenance and adequate striping upkeep will help you keep your parking lot in tip top condition for years to come.

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  1. Basically, i think parking lot stripping is meant to keep everyone safe while parking. Can you imagine a parking lot without it? I think it can definitely cause danger to a lot of people.


  2. The important points have already been discussed in this post why there is a need for parking lot strippings. First and foremost, it is for everyone's safety and as mentioned, it helps designate parking, therefore we should not ignore all these aspects and put parking lot strippings.


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